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How to choose the windshield?

In addition to the availability of certificates, you should pay attention to the following points:
On the surface, there is always the factory of auto-labeling, where it is indicated the manufacturing plant, the type of glass (stalinite – T or triplex – WL), date of manufacture and quality standard, which corresponds to this glass.

windshieldMarkings applied in a certain way: the black color, in a corner or at the middle of the bottom edge.
The thickness of the windshield of the car should be in the range of 5,6-6,2 mm.
Inspect the windshield edge – they must be flat and smooth.
Corporate items can usually be found on the tape running along the perimeter of the glass. Such belt is required to protect the glass from being damaged. However, semi-handicraft manufacturers often overlook these nuances.
The glass must be absolutely clear, image distortion is unacceptable.
Scratches are unacceptable, not to mention the chipped and cracked. There should be no extraneous inclusions, air bubbles.
If the glass meets all the above requirements – it is a high quality product.