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The third generation Skoda Fabia

For the premiere of a new generation of car Czech company Skoda prepared thoroughly. The second most popular after the Octavia, Fabia in its third generation is designed as a station wagon and hatchback.

third generation Skoda Fabia

This popular car B-Class embodies the style of his prototype. It can be seen immediately on several elements – the radiator grille with the logo bearing down on her, on the large headlights pointed angular shape, the original stylish stamping out on board. The design of stern is identical, highlighted the deep depression in the surface of the trunk. Has not changed its own style, the Fabia has become much more modern. Designers have decided to move away from the previous form of the front pillar, making the updated car become tightened and some sporty.

The versatile design retained proportionality, despite the fact that the dimensions of the two bodies changed. Wheelbase grew from 2451 mm to 2470 mm, width increased by 90 mm and it is reduced at 30 mm height. The platform acts as a few upgraded PQ25, it is specially used elements of the new modular bases MQB.