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Fulda will release the first all-season tires

FuldaFulda, the German company that forms the part of the corporation Goodyear, will soon start selling its first all-season tire model called “MultiControl”.

It was intended to provide strong grip on wet and snowy road surface. To achieve higher indicators of grip and driveability of this tire in all weather conditions, the manufacturers used the technology of louvering”3D Bubble Blade”, grooves “MultiControl”, the improved rubber compound with the evenly distributed parts of silica and a wide and flat contact patch.

The drainage grooves “MultiControl” reduce the danger of aquaplaning, and toyota tacoma headlights the additional reinforcing bridges with the louvers between the grooves provide an additional grip in very slippery conditions and even in case of partial tire wear.

According to the manufacturer of malibu bulbs, the first model of the “all-season” tire Fulda has not only high safety indicators, but also a long operating life. The flat and wide contact patch allows to evenly distribute the pressure that positively affects the performance and service life of the tires.