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How to choose and keep the car battery, so that it serves longer.

Preparing the car to the winter season, you should pay special attention to the check of the battery master. The strong frosts can cause irreparable damage to the car battery. This is due to the fact that at low temperature the chemical processes inside the battery are slowing down. Therefore, the overall performance is reducing. We recommend that you check that battery voltage: if it is lower than 12, 5 V, you should recharge the battery.

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Sometimes you still need to buy the new battery. When buying the car battery, you should pay attention to a number of characteristics. Taking them into account, you´ll be able to choose the most appropriate car battery and significantly prolong its service life.

World-famous manufacturers of the car battery advise to choose it according to the car modifications. For example, the car batteries (which have the low level of energy consumption) are designed for the old models, while the modern premium cars with a lot of gadgets require more powerful batteries.