How To Install Replace Rear Shock Absorbers Honda Odyssey

Brought to you by one your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet. Hi Mike when the auto helm was how to video helps you out. And next time any parts of your vehicle. Think of one Thanks. In this video will show you how to replace the rear Shock Absorbers on this 2003 Honda Odyssey symphony 99 to 2004 we show you the right hander passenger side rear and the pass or the driver side door left and where is the same procedure. Tools you’ll need are Jack and Jack stands to raise and support the car.

Yeah you also need to 17 millimeter socket and ratchet as well as either a 19 millimeter socket or your lug wrench. It’s 2 reasons for the vehicle then use a 19 millimeter. Socket breaker bar not if you’re just using hand tools actually you’ll want to loosen lug nuts when the wheels on the ground in the vehicles in park. Loosen augments first then raisins put the vehicle remove the 5 lug nuts and remove the rear wheel. Okay so you see my wrenches on the top of the list. The short was over just very soon ATC user penetrating oil in there. And then do the same thing down here for the box.

WNED speed appears be listenable I don’t take it out always yeah you could see it requires some force but you should build a do it with a regular ratchet handle. You can fast forward as you look loosen and then we will remove thisbolt. Okay now back at the top remove that toppled the rest the way. Okay, Shock Absorbers Now reverse procedure reinstall using him Tabon model. On And nowuse a Jack how to lift the suspension is the little bit to line up the top mounting hole. And once you get it lined up then slide the ball 10. Start tightening it up. Okay we’ll fast forward you have to tap on lightly on the ball to get it going and then push firmly on it to start it and then tighten up nice and tight.

Okay then thread the bottom not on and tighten that up as well both fees should be around 65 to 70 foot pounds. Okay now when a fast forward put the wheel back in place I start all 5 lug nuts on by hand first. And and then just kind of preliminarily tighten them.

And then lower your vehicle to the ground. But also you program for Shock Absorbers pounds Support the we’ll use star patterns. The. Okay whenever we’ve had the brakes apart just make sure that you pump the pedal a few times make sure it’s nice and firm and then before your road test your vehicle just to test stops from 5 and 10 miles an hour is to make sure the brakes are working properly.